About the Founder


My name is Christina. I started Soldiers’ Mom LLC because I was so overwhelmed at home as a military spouse, and I could not get any help at all. During that time, I was working two jobs, had little children, and was going to school for my graduate degree in Computer Forensics and Cyber Investigation. I tried to be that super mom but there came a point it just didn’t work, especially after ten years of juggling everything all by myself. My family was thousands of miles away, and I could not afford hiring help at the time. When I was able to afford a helper, I had another obstacle: Military base access and all that stuff. Because we have almost always lived on a military installation, it was not so easy to get help on base. I could not get the helpers on the base as smoothly as I wanted to. I knew I had to do something about that challenge because it wasn’t just me that had that predicament, it was almost everyone I spoke with. I started a business that provides a variety of services we all can use. My business hires home helpers and cleaners who are especially trained to provide help and professional cleaning services to military families, first responders and the general public. Soldiers’ Mom employees have been thoroughly screened, vetted and professionally trained to deliver quality services.  Because our business has the proper military authorization, our helpers also have short term passes to get on the base so you do not have to sponsor them every single time. Our customers receive excellent, 5-star high quality services and the convenience. 



Soldiers’ Mom has had a huge positive impact. I am getting my house cleaned every week, I get someone to come to our house, fold our clothes, and get things organized around the house on a weekly basis. All of this means the world to me. In addition to the fact that I can get a break to do some things I enjoy doing, I also get the time to help my kids with their homework, play with them, take them places and just spend some quality time together. These are things I could never do before. I honestly feel that I function a lot more efficiently, and have become the most productive than ever before, and I get to help out other families as well. My biggest desire is to one day be able to provide our services to all military families regardless of whether they can afford paying for them or not. While we are working on that mission, we will do our best to make sure anyone who needs a little bit of help at home, can get the help they need through custom quotes and more.


We All need a Little Help

For most military families, taking care of everything  at home front, alone, for ten or twenty some years, can be overwhelming. Experience shows that swapping money for time might be especially beneficial to all of us. Imagine having to work during the day, then having to return home to the “second shift” of house hold chores can contribute to a declining life satisfaction. As married partners, we also often times find ourselves having those heated discussions about who is going to do what chores, especially when there are two busy full time working partners. Couples can potentially protect themselves from work life conflicts, and promote a greater relationship satisfaction, if they hire someone else from  outside to help them with things like cleaning. Hiring a house cleaner creates more marital harmony and can potentially save a marriage. 

Why Soldiers’ Mom?

Soldiers’ Mom LLC is here to represent all the Moms we miss when the going gets tough at home. There were so many times I wished my mom was around to help me out but she could not be there. I needed someone who understood and could provide a little help without judging me. I chose this business name because my goal and passion is to be there for others just like a Mom would, and to show that we totally understand. Soldiers’ Mom will work with you like family,  will show that we can relate, and we will never judge you. The name also stands to show that we will always go the extra mile to make sure you get the help you need all the time; we may be able to take on last minute jobs when we can, just to lift that burden off your shoulders. (Contact us if you have a last minute emergency and we will see if we can help). Mom may even be able to help you for free if you have a unique situation. Moms are always ready for just about anything. We are ere to help. 

Soldiers’ Mom will always stand by the most important core values and beliefs. These include integrity, respect, ownership, reliability, hard work, loyalty and trustworthiness, and above all, honesty. We take ownership if anything does not go as promised, we will stand up, own it, and make things right. We will remain loyal, respect and support our communities always. We also donate free services to certain groups of families in our communities. 

We want our customers to understand that we are a high quality, trustworthy service that will take good care of their home, and one that will do the job with integrity always. We are highly reliable, will always show up and deliver exactly what we promise, or exceed your expectations. We are bonded, insured, licensed, professionals who also have general liability as well as service guarantees. 

Giving Back

We continue to  donate free cleaning services to certain groups. Visit our facebook page to learn more. We also provide free cleaning help to those who have endured the loss of a service member within the last 12 months. Thank you for your service.

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