Respect & Refund Policy

Soldiers’ Mom, LLC was founded out of a passion to help others with the goal to make the lives of our clients a little easier. We promise our clients we will always be respectful and treat everyone fairly. In turn, we expect the same courtesies. We understand mistakes happen, we are all human, we want you to understand we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied. If you are not, please let us know right away. We will make it right!

The last thing we need is unnecessary stress, problems, drama, or back and forth regarding policies. We have had our share of the drama and rude customers, what business doesn’t. We do not wish that on anyone, and do not want that to happen to us. To avoid similar issues from arising again, we had to come up with the following:

You understand that you have many options in choosing the right cleaning service for your needs, you made an informed decision to hire us above other companies or individuals because we are a great business that provides consistent excellent services, we are reliable and can be trusted. Please make sure you read our policies and rules thoroughly. You have our 100% satisfaction guarantee for all paid services. All bonus, extra, or free services are not covered under our satisfaction guarantee.

How does the guarantee work? Please conduct your walk through immediately after the job has been completed if you are home during the cleaning, and bring up all your concerns while the cleaners are still at the house. Our cleaners will make sure to correct any and all mistakes right there and ask you to do another walk through before they leave. If you are not home during the appointment, please be sure to do the walk through as soon as you get home and check items that were missed using the enclosed checklist and return by email within six hours after the job completion. DO NOT text or call Christina to report concerns, use our system of reporting. We promise to make sure that you are satisfied with the services rendered and will re-clean any areas of concern. We do ask that you are present at the time of re-cleaning to conduct the final walkthrough.

Once you have done your walk through, while the cleaners are at the house, and our cleaners have addressed your concerns and left, we will not accept any more incoming concerns after the fact. Unfortunately, we have had customers who filed complaints after this window has been closed. Please understand it takes time, extra resources, and efforts to go back to a job site that was already completed and all concerns were addressed. You agree and understand that it is your responsibility to read and understand how we operate before you hire us because we will not be responsible if you decide to not follow these fair operational rules and policies.

You understand we do not offer refunds, you cannot post anything negative against Soldiers’ Mom LLC on the internet, and that you waive all rights to complain anywhere else, if you do not follow our rules and operating guidelines. By hiring Soldiers’ Mom, you enter into an agreement that you will follow our rules and general policies to make sure both parties have a great experience that is as stress free experience as possible.

Our mission: To make your daily life a little easier.

We look forward to a memorable working relationship.

Soldiers’ Mom, LLC

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