Where Do I Start?

We can Help!

Go to our website at https://soldiersmom.net review our service options, review the cleaning checklists, and follow one of the options below. 

Option 1.

Book your appointment in three easy steps at: https://soldiersmom.net/book
a) Select service b) Book-Online c) E-sign guidelines
Your appointment will only be confirmed after we receive the signed guidelines. Any appointments without signed guidelines can be changed or cancelled anytime.

Option 2

Schedule a one-time free 15-min remote phone consultation or a virtual tour of your home at: https://soldiersmom.net/book. If you need more than 15 minutes, for custom quotes or special cleaning needs, we can help. For all other inquiries, please email us at: support@soldiersmom.net

You may also call us at: 833-487-2532 option 2 Or use our website chat feature.Soldiers’ Mom also has social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. We also have a google profile and a YouTube channel. Just go to the search bar on any of these platforms and type in Soldiers’ Mom LLC.


Q. What happens after I schedule service and everything is confirmed?
A. We would assign a cleaner to come clean on the day agreed on, and with an eta (estimated time of arrival) to allow for things like traffic. After the cleaner has finished cleaning your house, be sure to conduct a thorough walkthrough and let that cleaner know if you have any concerns before she leaves your residence.

Q. How do I pay? Can I tip the cleaner by credit card?
A. We accept credit cards only at this time. Yes, you may add a tip to your booking online. You may also call or email us and we will be happy to help.

Q. What happens if I was not home to conduct the walkthrough and I am not satisfied with the service?
A. If you were not home at the time of service and you have concerns, please use the appropriate cleaning checklist to mark any areas of concern and email that to support@soldiersmom.net. We will schedule a one-time, free re-clean for any areas that were missed. Customers must make themselves available for the re-clean to conduct one final walkthrough as there will not be another free visit.

Q. Will Soldiers’ Mom always be here? We just signed up for weekly service.
A. Yes. The people at Soldiers’ Mom LLC use modern technology to run their business and as long as you have the internet, you will always have access to Soldiers’ Mom services. That means even if they physically move tomorrow, there will be no service interruption. Soldiers’ Mom will still be able to service you from anywhere in the world. Visit soldiersmom.net or contact them by email or phone.


For a more detailed list of all kinds of FAQs and to get answers to almost all of your questions, such as base access and more, please visit our FAQs page at:

(833) 487-2532