Winning the War Against Dirty Kitchens

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While you’re probably doing your best to keep the kitchen area as clean as possible, you might have forgotten about the smaller details.
Your countertops might be sparkling, and your tiled floor might be polished and waxed to perfection, but what about your utensils?
The machines you use to prepare the next meal? That fancy dining set you put on display but never use?

You may have won the battle, but it takes a lot more to win the war over dirt, grime, and everything else that’s messing up your kitchen!

Here’s how you can give your kitchen a thorough cleaning:

Metallic Items (Pots and Pans)


metallic pans

If you’re a kitchen person, then you’ve probably used these a lot to prepare the meals of the day.
You also know that food residue is a common sight.
Soap, water, and sturdy steel wool will wash and scrub away grime, oil, and food scraps that leave a revolting odor on these items. 

For rust, which we all know is the most stubborn of all messes,
you can wipe your pots and pans clean using a saturated oil or any commercial rust removers.


Ceramic Items(Plates or Mugs)


ceramic plates

Items made from ceramic are very prone to breaking, so extra care should be observed in cleaning them.
Again, soap and water should wash away common stains on most ceramic dining ware or cutlery.
But if you want to clean a little deeper than the surface areas, use vinegar and baking soda to clean out those stains that were left unseen.





Technically, these can be filed under metallic items, but these involve a separate set of cleaning rules.
Use hot water to really scrub out those bits of food stuck on your utensils like spoons and forks.
If you really want to deep clean them, use a disinfectant dishwashing solution to get rid of bacteria.


Cleaning out the kitchen is easier to remember, however, the kitchen items need a bit more love in being cleaned as well.
Only then will you be able to triumph over a dirty kitchen!

Stay tuned for more nifty cleaning hacks!

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