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For most standard size homes, our rates for a move out cleaning/deep clean are based on a 5-6 labor hour duration. The prices are as follows and we accept credit cards only. You can trust we will take very good care of you and most importantly, we will make sure everything on our list passes the move out inspection. 

3 bed 2.5 baths on base $ 265 . You can book right now and right here

4 bed 2.5 baths on base $295. You can book right here and right now

If your standard size home has not been cleaned in a long time and you think  it might need some extra special TLC/attention :), we can help. You can still book here and our team will let you know if additional time will be needed to clean. Book Now

Larger homes such as those in Billy Mitchel, West Over, and Hickam (their likes on other bases may need more labor hours and their prices start at $320 for a 6 labor hours move out/deep clean service).

To book , go to this link, select the number of bedrooms and book at your convenience. Book Now

For a more accurate estimate of your cleaning needs, please take pictures or a short video of your place and send that to

If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 833-487-2532. For bi-weekly maid service, you will start after an initial deep clean. (Special Bi-weekly Price: $150 for 3-4 bed. 2.5 baths)

Important things to note before we come clean your house.
Review our cleaning checklists which show what to expect for each cleaning service type/package. If you are getting a deep clean, or move out clean, or even a bi-weekly PMC, make sure to review the correct list.
if you are moving out, your place has to be completely empty before we come to clean. This will allow us to reach and clean all areas we are supposed to clean as shown on our cleaning checklist. 

If all our popular options do not work for you, you have a unique case, please feel free to request a custom package by first preparing your own list, and propose a price or make an offer. Once that offer has been reviewed, you will be notified.

After booking, the final step is to sign the welcome guidelines same day to secure and lock in your spot.  We reserve the right to make changes, reschedule or cancel any appointment if we have not received the signed welcome guidelines. (A copy will be emailed for you to sign electronically).

Base Access
We understand your desire to get cleaners with base access, we have spouse cleaners with access and other cleaners with clean backgrounds, who are properly documented,  and have proper identifications. We will always make sure your assigned cleaner either has base access already or has a clean background with IDs. We have never had a single incident and you can trust us and our cleaners have all been thoroughly screened. 

Thank you for understanding
Soldiers’ Mom is growing and one day will be a government contractor like other big companies. For now and in order to save you time, we hire both spouses and other cleaners with clean backgrounds. That is all we can do for now. We hope you understand.  Cleaners like the movers you get from off-post, are not always going to have base access. It is your responsibility to get them a pass. We know you know that. (they are not government employees). If you get one without access, we want you to know that we will make sure they have a clean background so you can bring them on base without a problem. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Soldiers Mom -Team.

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