Keeping Your Vacuum Clean

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Keeping Your Vacuum Clean

When I first moved out of my parent’s house and needed to buy all the necessary items to take care of my own place, I was overwhelmed but so excited. I needed all the cleaning supplies, which included a vacuum. There were so many options, but I chose a Shark because it had the best reviews and was great for pet hair. The pet hair part was essential because we have a giant German Shepherd that sheds so much. I am surprised he isn’t bald.

Fast forward a few years, and one day I get the vacuum out, but I notice it isn’t picking anything up. I obviously panic because it was one of those days, we were expecting visitors, and the house was a mess. I checked all the hoses, and none of them were clogged, which was a shock with all the dog hair I clean up. I basically disassembled this vacuum cleaner until I gave up and Googled, “Why won’t my shark vacuum cleaner suck?”. This search pulled up the easiest and most simple answer that I never thought of: to clean the filter to make it work again.

Because I didn’t read the care manual, I didn’t know a filter that needed regular cleaning for optimal performance. The filter was in the front of the vacuum underneath the canister that holds all the junk you pick up while vacuuming. So, I learned how to clean that, which involved emptying the holder and washing the filter pad. I also had to clean the actual filter too. All of this took little effort and time. The drying part did take a bit longer as they had to be set out to do that, but the point is if I had known how to care for my vacuum properly, I would have saved myself time and stress. To avoid what I went through, here are some tips to help you out!

Buy a Quality Machine:

When you are in the market for a new vacuum or your first vacuum, it is important to do your research because they are not all created equally. Some great brands that are long-lasting are Shark, Dyson, and Kenmore. These brands are all ones that I have used before and highly recommend. You might have to pay a little more at first, but it is a great investment when you need to keep your home clean.

Take Care of Your Vacuum:Cleaning for Military Families in and near JBAB, JBA, Fort Myers-Henderson Hall, Fort Belvior, McNair, Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, Georgetown, Palisades, Kalorama, NW DC

Clean the inside

Empty the dust bag or dust cylinder after every use to avoid straining the motor and prevent bacteria and mold. For wet/dry vacuums, clean out the wet stuff from the bag/barrel before you start sucking up any dry stuff.

Clean the Outside

Clean the brush roll every time to prevent the brush from getting clogged with hairs and straining the motor.
Keep the bearings on the brush roll lubricated.
Wipe the outside with a damp cloth before storing it away.

Store it carefully

Don’t break any bits by shoving them in the cupboard or closet. There is nothing worse than going to put away your vacuum and hearing a snap or pop that means you have broken it. 
Don’t let your cat or dog get at the vacuum hose. We all know that animals love to play when we are trying to clean, and it’s either chase the vacuum or run away from it! There is no in-between. 

Protect it while in use

Put it together properly before using it for the first time.
If your kids help with the vacuuming around the house, supervise them the first few times they use it to make sure they are using it to clean properly. Use the right tool for the job. Your handheld can handle small jobs while your upright or barrel vacuum tackles all the big stuff.

Check what is wrong before giving up

If your vacuum is winding down in power, check the battery, especially in handhelds. If it’s just not sucking, try replacing the filter or the belt or giving it a good clean.
Hold onto your warranty card! Ask the dealer you bought it from to look before buying a new one.

Soldiers’ Mom can help!

Instead of stressing about keeping your vacuum cleaner clean and ready to go, let Soldiers’ Mom help you by booking one of our awesome cleaning services! We are always here to help you in whatever way we can with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and flat-rate pricing. We want our customers to feel great about their services with our unmatched and unbeatable prices. You can call the office at (833) 487-2532 or book online at!


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