SOLDIERS’ MOM CLEANING SERVICES   Busy at work? A full-time mom or dad? No time for home errands? Your house might need serious attention, but we are here to help! Soldiers’ Mom LLC will make your life easier and much comfortable. We offer DEEP DELUXE CLEANING, which gives your home full service from top to … Read more

Home Disinfecting Tips

  During the pandemic, all of us have been affected by this situation. Many things had changed, there are things we became more conscious and more protective of. Not just for ourselves but for our households too. Cleaning our homes with just regular vacuuming is sometimes not enough. As we are afraid to get infected … Read more

Keeping Your Vacuum Clean

Keeping Your Vacuum Clean When I first moved out of my parent’s house and needed to buy all the necessary items to take care of my own place, I was overwhelmed but so excited. I needed all the cleaning supplies, which included a vacuum. There were so many options, but I chose a Shark because … Read more

Cleaning Games for Kids

Let’s make cleaning fun for everyone! We all know how hard it can be to get our kids to help clean up after themselves. As parents, we are always searching for ways to make cleaning up seem more fun to entice our children to help out more it. It’s frustrating when you ask them to … Read more

Deep Clean: Soldiers’ Mom Style

  Have you ever paid for a home cleaning service and just weren’t impressed with the result? At Soldiers’ Mom, we do things differently so that our customers, who are you wonderful and brave service members and your families, can get the most out of our services without any stress. Soldiers’ Mom LLC is a … Read more

Your Best Professional Cleaning Buddy

Your Best Professional Cleaning Buddy It is a known fact that everyone likes it when their houses stay squeaky clean all week long. However, doing the cleaning itself is a different story. Most people are engrossed with work, tight deadlines, and taking care of kids leaving little to no time in doing deep cleaning in … Read more

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